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We hope you can find everything you need. F.B.R. "Commercial Lighting Solutions" is focused on providing high-quality Eco Friendly LED Products - we will do everything we can to meet your needs and expectations, no matter where you are.
LED lighting runs more efficiently than traditional units such as tungsten or halogen, fluorescent and even discharge lighting and can save 80% or more of your power bills over some of these types. LED lighting does not use no harmful or polluting ingredients found in compact fluorescents such as phosphers or mercury and which need careful disposal and care to avoid contamination.
F.B.R. "Commercial Lighting Solutions" is a Wholesaler of LED products, we buy direct from the manufacturer and only manufacturers that we have dealt with for some time and constantly test the performance of the LED's, to make sure we only supply the best there is. 
We  offer a range of  light colours, the temperature of the lamp is referred to in Kelvin and a 'white'  will range around 2700 to 6000k. Our warm whites operate at the lower end of the scale and give a cosy colour similar to a normal globe, natural is a whiter colour at around 3500-4500 k and cool white at 5-6000k has a stark 'bluey-white'  effect that is great for spot lighting and effect.
The angles on all our downlight beams and the Lumens (a measure of output) are the same as, or better than; the Halogen globes or lamps they replace and there are a variety of options to choose from.
LED lighting is ideal for use with Solar/PV panel installations, a great deal of  electrical power is used for lighting purposes, so fine tune your system and get the most of your savings by replacing your tungsten or halogen lighting with LED's. We have a variety of suitable and direct replacements in addition to some exciting upgrade options.
This website has generally been used over time, in one format or another, as a reference for our wholesale customers, to see what they want before they order. It has been so popular that we have reviewed the web page and offered the general public access to the same wholesale price structure on items we have in stock in Australia. You; the Customer are the Winner as a result, and we sell some stock in the process, so we are happy too.
For commercial customers and quantities, please contact us so that we can match your needs both technical and financial to our capabilities. We have representatives North and South of Perth and would be pleased to visit and demonstrate or provide a full brochure to more clearly indicate our full range of units. We are able to provide prices for whole of building or projects and offer extremely competitive prices for large and small quantities.
We are able to supply; flexible and hard strip lighting, fluorescent replacements, wall washers, waterproof and underground lighting, swimming pool, high bay and other industrial and commercial fittings.
You can view or keep up to date with products on our facebook site "FBR Lighting LED wholesalers"
More advantages of LED lighting.
LED'S Run Cool and not hot like conventional globes or halogen. As a result, this is a safer product than an unshielded halogen downlight (the cause of many incidents).
 Lights that run hot are less efficient  in fact anything electrical that runs hot using electricity causes a natural resistance and requires more power to run at it's optimum, this is a catch 22 situation. LED's run Cool, so there are no such performance/ resistance issues with them, as a result LED's last much, much longer and use much less power.
With a variety of Eco Friendly Lighting Products to choose from, we are sure that there is the right light for your needs. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
The samples that we have on our site are just a small selection of what we have available, from individual and replacement globes, to domestic and commercial lighting.
Please see our "LED's Save $$" page to see how much you can save on Power Bills by simply switching to a Greener Light Globe.
Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Kind Regards,
Brendan Smith
General Manager
F.B.R. "Commercial Lighting Solutions"
Baldivis, Perth
Western Australia
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